One-Year Intensive Training Program

Next Training Session Starts Aug 28th, 2017








Term 1 – Core Skills
Observational Drawing
Camera & Photography
Modeling & Texturing I
Rigging & Scripting I
Animation I
Dynamics I
Lighting & Shading I
Compositing I
Production I

Term 2 – Transition to Practice
Modeling & Texturing II
Rigging & Scripting II
Animation II
Particles & Dynamics II
Lighting & Shading II
Compositing II
Production II

Term 3 – Practical Training
Production III
Dailies III

Training should be about SKILLS, not GRADES

It is time for a change.

Too many college and university graduates tell stories of chasing grades, taking irrelevant courses to satisfy academic rules, cramming for exams, pulling all-nighters to finish assignments only to realize when they finally graduate they don’t actually have professional job skills they can sell.

This can be as true for 3D animation and visual effects students worldwide as it is for those with arts or science diplomas and degrees. They enter animation and VFX school with the bright promise of a career in the film, animation, T.V. or games industries as 3D artists, animators, and digital film makers. One to five years later, upon graduation, they find they can’t get an interview, much less a job, because the skill level they show is far below industry standards. In fact, they have only been taught very basic, theoretical skills, and almost no practical or operational skills at all.

Why does this happen? Well, there are a number of reasons. Mainly, most schools follow a traditional “process-based” approach to education. In other words, if you follow a process, you will graduate. The process is that classes will equip you with enough information to achieve a passing grade in each course. If you pass each course, you get your diploma. It’s about grades. It’s about passing courses. It has little to do with skills. One of the big problems with this approach is that teachers have a vested interest in making sure you get a passing grade. The more students who pass, the better teacher he is, right? So while many students pass and graduate, few have real skills.

We are here to fix that. CG Masters offers the world’s first and only simulated production training program in Animation and Visual Effects Production. Our 48 week training program has been specifically designed to provide genuine, professional skills including team production and operations training not found anywhere else. We are pioneering a new standard of digital media training.

Our training philosophy comes from the industry where we have worked for many years; where we have had to train junior artists for years; where failure is not an option. We are all supervisors and team leaders and we know how to provide our artists with real skills. So teaching artists to make great pictures is not a problem for us. It’s what we do professionally. It’s what we do in our classes too. We know that our team members’ success is as much our responsibility as it is theirs. Because when you go for your first job, nobody is going to ask to see your grades. They just want to know if you can make a great picture.

The simple fact is that we don’t do grades. They get in the way. We tell you about a skill, then we demonstrate the skill, then you practice the skill, then you demonstrate the skill. Your demonstration is assessed by a Master in the field and you are told whether or not you have learned the skill well enough to sell it. If your demonstration isn’t up to par, we give you more training until you successfully demonstrate the skill. It’s actually very simple. You see, when people pay us to train them, we feel obliged to train them, not to judge them with grades and most definitely NOT to let them fail.