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CG Masters is an improved concept in job skills training for the 3D animation and visual effects industries. Our high graduate job placement numbers are based in the assertion that job skills must include more than simply learning to use some software tools.

Where nearly every digital media program teaches tools, job skills training should be about learning how to do a job. In other words, you need people who have done that job for many years to teach you how to do the job.

Our favorite analogy is this: If someone goes to carpentry school and is taught how to use a saw, a hammer, a level and a tape measure, that carpenter is still not qualified to build a house. For this, the carpenter will need to work as an assistant building houses under the guidance of veteran carpenters who understand the tools, methods, materials, crew needs, budget, regulations and logistics of building a house. Only after having built several houses can that carpenter be well prepared to build a house.

The veterans at CGM have been building houses for decades.