Production III at last. You’ve made it through two gruelling terms of training. This is your chance to shine in the disciplines of your choice. It all starts with a team project. This could be a storyboard one of your teammates developed, or it could be a script hatched from the imagination of one of your supervisors or instructors. Either way, it will be filled with challenges at just the right level to keep you growing yet enable you to produce world class shots for the final delivery at the end of your third term. Graduation ceremony sure will be fun when you and your classmates sit back to see your work projected on the big screen with your friends, family and prospective employers looking on. You will be assigned tasks under deadline culminating in a complete Production III project that is reel-worthy. Working in tight-knit teams unders the expert direction of professional supervisors, you will see the project shots attain quality levels rare among new artists. This is a 9-5 full production practicum and we have the same expectations of our trainees that we would have of any professional artist on the job. Are you up for it?

Learning Outcomes      The successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • perform assigned production tasks to deadline within a team environment
  • self-critique, ensuring dailies submissions meet a minimum standard
  • receive dailies and rounds critique and address notes quickly and accurately
  • display personal workflow efficiency
  • display a pro-active approach to problem-solving
  • maintain a courteous and professional relationship at all times with colleagues and supervisors



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