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Peer Critique – A critical skill

During the course of your career as a digital artist, whether in visual effects, feature animation or games, you are going to be asked many times to offer critique on the work of others. Sometimes it will be another team member asking for an opinion. Sometimes it will…

How Do I Get Into Feature Film Visual Effects?

“How do I get into Feature Film Visual Effects?” This is one of the questions I hear most often from potential students. Why wouldn’t they ask that question? Without a doubt feature: film vfx is the coolest, most glamorous and most challenging of all the digital arts….

You Can’t Build Your Own Airplane

Well you didn’t think EVERYTHING in this blog was going to be about digital animation and visual effects did you? Being a Visual Effects Supervisor is a demanding job. Building a school for high end visual effects is brutally intense at times. One learns quickly to…

How Do I Make A Great Demo Reel?

How Do I Make A Great Demo Reel?

That is probably the top question I get asked by students. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. It takes mainly perseverance, but a great eye is most helpful. When I get asked this question I usually give the following answer. It’s pretty much word-for-word since I have recited it about a thousand times: