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01 Sep: Unreal Engine Threatens Traditional Renderers

I watched and was astonished by how close a real time gaming engine was coming to generating photo-real renders. I had fiddled around with Unreal Engine from time to time and had a little familiarity with it. So I decided it was time to do a deep dive and find out what this was all about. I needed to know if it was hype or something real that could help my production pipeline.
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30 Aug: VFX Truisms that should be T-shirts

From time to time, discussions in production can get deep, heavy, punchy and downright ridiculous. It’s the ridiculous to which we draw our attention today. A team room can be a pretty funny place, often filled with sharp wits and keen observers. Once in a while, someone says something that’s stupid enough or profound enough that it belongs on a t-shirt. This has happened enough times that I’ve decided to create this special blog just for such things. I will add new t-shirt slogans as they come up.
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27 Mar: The Trouble With Overtime: A Case Study

A few years ago I wrote a blog article called Visual Effects Artists are Not High Tech Professionals. I did this specifically to deal with situations like what happened in Sausage party. Shortly after that I wrote another blog called The Trouble With Overtime. It went viral, garnering thousands of views per day for a while.
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20 Sep: The Trouble with Overtime

I can’t help smiling (on the outside) when I discuss this topic with certain visual effects production people, especially the managers who haven’t had to do 12 – 18 hours straight busting their brain at a computer work station for five months of 6-day weeks. You know…the ones who work 40 hour weeks, including 1.5 hour lunches each day.