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Major labor shortage: B.C. VFX artists & animators in demand!

What an incredible time to be a VFX artist or animator in digital media in Vancouver.

This region has established itself as the largest visual effects hub in North America. Tax credits and the lower Canadian dollar initially attracted investment in our industry. Hard work and exceptional talent kept in here. Growth has been dramatic in recent years and continues. With major and studios moving office into the city in droves, others expanding to accommodate major Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars and still others adding entirely new facilities around the region, the digital media industries are more vibrant and thriving than ever before.

But this massive growth brings new problems. Like where will we find all the talent to fill all those new jobs? The BC Government is predicting that by Q2 2015 there will be over 2,500 vacant jobs and growth will continue.

Many of the jobs will be filled by foreign nationals on work permits. This is because there is a lack of local talent in the region. Despite over 1000 graduates from digital media programs in the lower mainland annually, these jobs will remain unfilled. Why? For anyone who has been through college or university, the answer is obvious. Academic programs do not make graduates job-ready.

The irony is that employers would far rather hire local talent than foreign. It is easier, less expensive and comes with a big tax break.
This is precisely why CG Masters has been established, to provide for industry job-ready graduates with production-line experience. Graduates who are ready to work and understand studio operations. With a program developed by experienced industry recruiters, trainers, production managers, artists and technical directors, it is the only training that ends with job-ready skills.

Are you a BC resident with a burning desire to create incredible visual effects such as space ships, monsters, explosions, environments, characters or…well…just about anything you can imagine? Now is the time. There has never been a better moment.

For more information, check out the Sept 20, 2017 article in the Vancouver Sun: http://vancouversun.com/entertainment/local-arts/so-you-want-to-work-in-vfx-or-animation  or go to the Vancouver Economic Commission’s website at http://www.vancouvereconomic.com/vfx-animation/