Sausage Party - CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX

From left, Paul Rudd, James Franco, Seth Rogen and David Krumholtz attend the premiere of ‘Sausage Party’ at the Sunshine Landmark on Aug. 4, 2016, in New York. JAMIE MCCARTHY / GETTY IMAGES

Animators & VFX Artists Are Not High Tech Professionals

A few years ago I wrote a blog article called Visual Effects Artists are Not High Tech Professionals.   I did this specifically to deal with situations like what happened in Sausage party.  Shortly after that I wrote another blog called The Trouble With Overtime.  It went viral, garnering thousands of views per day for a while.

This was very encouraging, as unpaid overtime has been a blight on our industry for a long time.  And the purpose of the article was to raise awareness of not only the illegality of these practices, but to demonstrate the math.  The math shows us that, with regular overtime, everyone loses.  We wanted studios to adopt normal work practices that would benefit all parties.  Alas, some still believe they can steal from employees and get away with it.   Here is yet another example of how excessive overtime leaves a wake of wreckage.

So to any companies or managers who think this is still an OK practice, this is me saying “I told you so!”  🙂

Vancouver animators win overtime payments from Sausage Party