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Animation and Visual effects Scholarship

…OR A GRADE 12 HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP for BC students who graduating in 2019 – $5,000  **

…OR AN UPGRADE SCHOLARSHIP for candidates who have previous training but can’t find employment (Between $500 to $2,500)

…OR A $1,000 EARLY PAYMENT BONUS for all students who submit their full tuition more than 30 days before classes start.

*CG Masters School of 3D Animation and VFX reserves the right to change scholarships at any time without notice (Scholarships already awarded or applied will remain valid).

Going to the best 3D Animation and Visual Effects school shouldn’t cost you your life savings. At CG Masters we do everything we can to make it one of the most affordable schools of its kind while still providing the highest quality training. Our partnerships with the industry provide subsidies that make CG Masters the most bang for your buck in the region.

CG Masters employs the best of the best to be our Master instructors. You will receive outstanding 3D animation and visual effects training with experienced industry veterans, in a production environment that closely matches real studio operations. We keep our class sizes small so that you can receive the individual attention you need to succeed.

If you are interested in scholarships or special bonuses to help offset the cost of your 3D animation and visual effects training give CG Masters a call. We will do whatever we can to help you fulfill your dreams and career goals! To apply to one of our programs, please check out our Apply Now page.

** For BC 2019 Grade 12 High School Graduates – contact us about the intake for applications at

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