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School and Covid: How Can They Coexist?

The world has changed and training is changing to keep up.  Remote training has become an important reality for many of us as we do our part to keep our vulnerable population as safe as possible from this devastating disease.

We are worried about how this is going to affect our plans and our future.  We are worried about going to school. Not just the exposure this potentially creates, but the cost as well when the future is so uncertain.

We were thinking about training for the games, animation or visual effects industries.  Now we’re now worried about packing into classrooms with 30 other students.  We’re worried about the quality of online classes.

What are the answers?

We can’t speak for every school, but CG Masters started as an online training platform.  So when Covid came, it was easy for us to pivot back to our roots.  We added the latest technologies in remote learning and quickly bringing our instructors and students up to speed.  It helped that we already had in place much of the technology used by professional studios.  This tech keeps artists and technicians connected, even when they work in different buildings across the city, or across the world.  We now have an extremely successful system of lecture/feedback that is nearly identical to in-class experiences.  Students can still interact with each other or one on one with instructors.  Instructors can still lecture and review with the whole group or individually.  An instructor can virtually “sit” at your workstation and help you out with your task.  Or you can take over the instructor’s workstation to demonstrate something.

But don’t take our word for it, Check out what students have to say.

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