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24 Sep: Visual Effects vs Animation

Getting to know the various kinds of visual effects and animation will help you better understand the level of training and the skill sets required to get a job in the prospective field. At CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX, we want to help you gain the skills and confidence needed to work in the film, TV, or video game industries. That is why we offer comprehensive visual effects and animation programs.
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27 Mar: The Trouble With Overtime: A Case Study

A few years ago I wrote a blog article called Visual Effects Artists are Not High Tech Professionals. I did this specifically to deal with situations like what happened in Sausage party. Shortly after that I wrote another blog called The Trouble With Overtime. It went viral, garnering thousands of views per day for a while.
trouble with overtime

20 Sep: The Trouble with Overtime

I can’t help smiling (on the outside) when I discuss this topic with certain visual effects production people, especially the managers who haven’t had to do 12 – 18 hours straight busting their brain at a computer work station for five months of 6-day weeks. You know…the ones who work 40 hour weeks, including 1.5 hour lunches each day.

11 Aug: University-itis: Why it is so hard to train university graduates.

Smart people tend to come to CG Masters for visual effects training. Often these smart people will already have a credential from another institution, usually an accredited university. Sometimes they have completed a visual effects training program at a university. You’d expect this to be a very good thing. After all, they have shown resilience, commitment, and perseverance.