3D Animation & VFX Production Diploma

In Term 3 you will be faced with a project designed to prepare you for the industry. At every step, your work will be reviewed by colleagues and professionals and you will receive individual mentorship from your faculty mentors who will guide you through completion of an inspiring project.

3D Animation and Visual Effects School – Term III

Your training up to this point has been intense. You have learned more in eight months than you ever thought you could. But under the expert guidance of your industry pro instructors, you are beginning to see that you can join the elite, that you know how to create truly world class images. Maybe you’re not quite there yet, but you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking back 8 months, it’s incredible how much knowledge and skill has come to you.

Term 3 is all about getting to the end of the tunnel. Here you will be faced with a serious team project designed around your personal skills goals. At every step your work will be reviewed and you will receive individual mentorship from your project supervisor. Your assets will be tweaked, honed and developed into world-class works of art. The end result will stun you.

You will come to the end with shots that show off your professional skills in the discipline(s) of your choice. How do we know we can do this? Simple; we have done it many, many times in our professional careers in Feature film and television production. Over the years we have recruited many digital artists with skills far below those you will have after only 2 terms.

Through our long experience, we have guided them to creating film-quality shots, so we know without at doubt that we can do it with you too. All you have to do is be motivated, committed and trust your supervisors. If you are serious about learning the skills you need to get into the industry, talk to us. You’ll see quickly this is not your average school.

Production III at last. You’ve made it through two gruelling terms of training. This is your chance to shine in the disciplines of your choice. It all starts with a team project. This could be a storyboard one of your teammates developed, or it could be a script hatched from the imagination of one of your supervisors or instructors. Either way, it will be filled with challenges at just the right level to keep you growing yet enable you to produce world class shots for the final delivery at the end of your third term. Graduation ceremony sure will be fun when you and your classmates sit back to see your work projected on the big screen with your friends, family and prospective employers looking on. You will be assigned tasks under deadline culminating in a complete Production III project that is reel-worthy. Working in tight-knit teams unders the expert direction of professional supervisors, you will see the project shots attain quality levels rare among new artists. This is a 9-5 full production practicum and we have the same expectations of our trainees that we would have of any professional artist on the job. Are you up for it?

Learning Outcomes      The successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • perform assigned production tasks to deadline within a team environment
  • self-critique, ensuring dailies submissions meet a minimum standard
  • receive dailies and rounds critique and address notes quickly and accurately
  • display personal workflow efficiency
  • display a pro-active approach to problem-solving
  • maintain a courteous and professional relationship at all times with colleagues and supervisors

3D Animation Schools should all be introducing students to dailies.

In any 3D animation or visual effects studio, Dailies is the centerpiece of team production. Information flows like a spiderweb throughout the room as ideas and information are exchanged, current assets or shots are reviewed and crew members are provided with task lists to complete. Dailies occurs as needed during Term 3 and is used to support the team project that is currently in development.

This is where you get a taste for what real production is like. Each day, you will send work to be reviewed in the screening room. Along with the rest of your team, you will attend the screening and receive notes from a supervisor who has expertise and years of experience finishing professional quality shots. Receiving notes in Production Dailies isn’t as cut-and-dried as it sounds. Learning to hear the real intention behind a note is critical. Crystal clear understanding of the note is paramount. Accurate recording of the note is crucial. Precise execution of the note is vital. It is also OK to contribute your own ideas and suggestions, but there are appropriate and inappropriate times to do this. Dailies is part etiquette, part politics and part business. You will learn how to balance all three.

Learning Outcomes  Upon completion of this course the successful student at 3d animation schools will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • interpret dailies notes and return work for review by the next day, or communicate a delay.
  • respond constructively and creatively to dailies notes.
  • proactively solve problems.
  • demonstrate aesthetic and creative understanding of notes.
Warren Franklin of ILM speaks at a CG Masters studio event.

Warren Franklin of ILM speaks at a CG Masters studio event.