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VFX & Animation Industry: Calling all Canadians!

Vancouver’s Expanding Job Market for VFX & Animation

For Canadians, there is no better time to get into the exciting film visual effects and animation industries.

New immigration rules limit the ability of studios to hire foreign junior (entry level) artists and technicians to fill their production teams, yet there is more work going on in Vancouver than ever.  The immediate result is that there is a huge opening for properly trained Canadians who want to get into either animation or visual effects.  Animation refers to animated features and tv series while visual effects refers to creating computer generated elements for film and television such as explosions, spacecraft, monsters, futuristic cities and just about anything else you can imagine.

You should be considering this exciting career path if you are:

  • a movie fan and love the cool visual effects
  • a visual artist who would love a fulfilling career making great pictures
  • a computer coder who wants to create tools more interesting than accounting apps
  • a creative thinker who is excited by interesting challenges.

Recent work done in Vancouver include Star Wars (all the new ones), Guardians of the Galaxy, Beauty and the Beast, Game of Thrones and many others.  Vancouver is one of the world’s biggest centres for animation and visual effects and is growing fast. Here is a recent article (Sept. 20, 2017, Vancouver Sun) about Vancouver VFX industry: vancouversun.com/…/so-you-want-to-work-in-vfx-or-animation 

The industry needs YOU! Seriously.  And the pay is pretty good too.

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