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From time to time, discussions in production can get deep, heavy, punchy and downright ridiculous.  It’s the ridiculous to which we draw our attention today.  A team room can be a pretty funny place, often filled with sharp wits and keen observers.  Once in a while, someone says something that’s stupid enough or profound enough that it belongs on a t-shirt.  This has happened enough times that I’ve decided to create this special blog just for such things.  I will add new t-shirt slogans as they come up.

There are many ways to export geometry from a DCC.  It is important for a production line artist or TD to be familiar with them to know which can and should be used where.  Formats include (but are not limited to) .obj, .bgeo, .abc, .fbx, .stl,  .dae, .igs and many more.  We often discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various formats.  During one such discussion, we boiled down the lowest common denominators and found the .obj to be common, because it contains the fewest features which made it easiest to import.  It stands to reason that “Smarter” geometry formats that contain additional data may or may not be supported my many (or any) other DCCs.   This explains why a DCC’s native scene file format can not be directly imported into another DCC. Henceforth it was dubbed “the dumbest form of geo”.

*DCC:  Digital Content Creator (or digital content creation tool) such as Houdini, Maya, Modo, Max, Blender

Other common definitions of “DCC”

Day Chocolate Company
Day Count Convention
Doppelmayr Cable Car company
Dynamic Currency Conversion
DC Comics
Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry
Digital Command and Control
Digital Compact Cassette
Direct Client-to-Client
Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
Delta Colour Compression
Danville Community College
Dhaka City College
Department of Community Correction
Dorset City Council
Descending Chain Condition
Digital Copyright Canada
Democratic Collective Centralism
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Deputy Chief Constable
Dungeon Crawl Classics
The Roman number for 700
Document classification code according to IEC 61355

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