A refresher course for CG and visual effects artists

“CG and visual effects artists need to understand cameras and camera movement.  Why? Because the best CG and VFX shots should mimic what real-world cameras can do; otherwise audiences can easily be taken out of what they’re watching, since they already ‘inherently’ know that the shot could not be achieved for real. Understanding cameras means understanding authenticity.”

Here is a link to read the rest of the article and check out CG Masters tutorial “The CG Artists Guide to Camera”  https://beforesandafters.com/2020/04/20/back-to-basics-a-cg-artist-camera-guide/

Article from beforesandafters.com, a visual effects publication created by visual effects and animation journalist Ian Failes, an experienced freelance writer and also the publisher of vfxblog.com.

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