Mission Statement

Welcome to the mission statement page of CG Masters, the world’s only school to offer industry-designed visual effects and 3D animation job-skills training, not academic process. Our faculty, all industry masters, teach far more than just how to operate software. We teach how to work within a real team, studio production environment to create world-class, film-quality images and animations, and we do it in a completely unique way. We focus on skills, not grades. Drop us a line or chat with our current students or graduates to find out more.

Our mission statement below is an official statement required by government bodies, but our passion for making spectacular pictures and our focus on your training goes far beyond words like “realistic”, “effective” and “current”. We know how to get the best out of you. Read on for our official mission statement. It may be boring, but we are not.

“CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects offers current, affordable, effective training by current industry professionals for today’s film, broadcast and gaming industries. Our first priority is to see our graduates depart possessing the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to garner a realistic opportunity at employment in those industries.”

Very legal. Fulfilling the requirements, we can check that off the list. Check out the rest of our website, there is a ton of information here for you. If your questions aren’t answered, contact us using the form below and we can tell you what exactly is so great about this remarkably successful training system.

Next Training Session Starts Aug 28th, 2017