What does it mean to be a Houdini Certified School?

Why is it important to be a Houdini Certified School? All the best visual effects schools teach Houdini, the most modern, powerful 3D tool on the planet.  At CG Masters 3D Animation and VFX School, we strive to combine training, art, experience and exceptional talent.  This is the reason we immediately selected Houdini as one of our prime training tools.

Most people think of Houdini as a specialist tool for dynamics and particles effects. No doubt about it, there is no other tool as powerful as Houdini for those things. But it is also very good in many other areas and is being used in more areas of production than ever. All big studios now use Houdini and there are more small studios every day.  Its efficient, node-based workflow is converting many artists and TDs into strong supporters and users of this powerful and reliable tool. We see this growth happening fast, so CG Masters is extremely pleased to be the first school in the world to offer such extensive and lengthy Houdini training. CG Masters currently teaches particles and dynamics using this remarkable tool.  It is also covered in depth in both lighting and shading classes.  You will learn procedural object creation and animation, cloth, fluid and wire simulations as well as rigid body dynamics. You will discover the raw power of Houdini’s incredible lighting and shading tools and you will learn how to create photo-realistic renders with them. Houdini offers a new, cleaner, faster, better way of creating and managing digital assets in a large studio environment. We are pleased to have three industry masters teaching our Houdini classes.

CG Masters is a proud to be a “Houdini Certified School”.  To be certified, a school must teach a certain amount of Houdini content by industry experts and the student work is reviewed by a panel of industry experts.  Only the best work results in a Houdini certification from Side Effects, the makers of Houdini.  CG Masters has been Houdini certified for three years.

In addition to Houdini, CG Masters teaches the use of Maya, VRay, Photoshop, Nuke, Mari, Modo, Substance Painter, Mudbox and other industry standard tools. Get more details about our one-year 3D Animation & VFX Production Diploma  Program here.

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