Professional Advisory Committee

Professional Advisory Committee

CG Masters is fortunate to employ only current, working senior and supervisory level artists and technical directors as faculty. It therefore stands to reason that our faculty participates heavily in the development and delivery of our programs. They form an integral part of our Professional Advisory Committee. But it is also good to have outside eyes. To this end, the following industry friends and professional colleagues have volunteered to provide additional oversight to our training program to help us build and maintain the best of the best animation / vfx training program on the planet.

At CG Masters, we believe our advisory board should be veterans who have first hand experience in the craft, not corporate figure-heads. So we have carefully selected true masters. Art directors, visual effects supervisors, directors, ultra-experienced digital artists. Every person on this list has led the pack, pulling the industry into the future and defining the arts and technologies of the digital media. It is truly an astonishing collection of talent. We're afraid to have them all in one room at the same time.

William Vaughan, Senior CG Production Manager at New Balance, Founder of Pushing Points

William Vaughan

William Vaughan is an award-winning artist, writer, and director. He has created thousands of original computer-generated characters, including Tofu the Vegan Zombie. William has trained thousands of cg artists throughout the world that have gone on to work at major studios, such as Rhythm and Hues, Digital Domain, Weta Digital, Monolith, and EA Sports. Among his prized pupils are the art department at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and actor Dick Van Dyke.

William has always had a passion for creating as well as teaching. He has authored more than one thousand tutorials and instructional videos and sis online tutorials are required viewing for anyone interested in learning 3D. He has been published by major cg magazines. He has also contributed to twenty books, has written and directed several award-winning films, and has created digital art for many top studios. William has also written and directed several award-winning animated short films, such as Batman: New Times, X-Men: Dark Tide, and the Tofu the Vegan Zombie animated short, Zombie Dearest. His CG work can be seen in all forms of media over the past 20 years. He’s worked on projects ranging from children’s books to toys, video games, broadcast, and film, and for clients like Rolling Stone magazine, Hasbro Toys, JPL, SyFy and Pixar Animation Studios. He is currently leading a team of artists at New Balance as the Senior 3D Production Manager.

For tutorials by William, go to Pushing Points and pixelfondue

Robert Habros, VFX Supervisor

visual effects supervisor

Oscar and Emmy Nominated VFX Supervisor

The CG Masters are delighted to welcome Robert Habros to the fold. Mr. Habros is an Oscar and Emmy nominated visual effects supervisor, producer, executive producer and director with over 40 visual effects credits spanning over 30 years.  He was nominated at the 82nd Academy Awards for his work on the film District 9 and also worked on TV shows such as A Series of Unfortunate Events, Fringe, Dead Like Me and Stargate SG-1.  For a full listing of credits go to

John Gajdecki, VFX Supervisor

John Gajdecki, Visual Effects SupervisorWhile growing up in Ottawa, John Gajdecki spent much of his time photographing scale models while his brother blew them up. You think this would have led to way more trouble. Today Gajdecki is one of Canada’s leading visual effects supervisors with three Emmy nominations and three Gemini awards spanning almost 20 years. He has both theatrical and television experience with a history of technological innovation, on-budget deliveries and award winning creative, Gajdecki has spoken at all of the major production schools, as well as at assorted conventions and industry events, including NAB in Los Vegas. He also established a scholarship for fourth year production students at York University in Toronto.

Dale Fay, VFX Studios at Zoic Studios

Dale Fay, Visual Effects SupervisorMr. Fay has been working in visual effects pretty much since there were visual effects. Starting out as a miniature model-maker on Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future in 1985, one of the first programs ever to use computer generated elements, Mr. Fay has supervised a number of motion pictures including Blades of Glory, and I, Robot. Most recently, Mr, Fay has been heavily involved in television visual effects for such series as Defying Gravity and “V”. Currently he is on set for the hugely popular “Once Upon a Time“.

Rick Stringfellow, Executive Art Director, Electronic Arts Canada

Rick Stringfelllow - Art DirectorRick has been working in computer graphics for TV, Film and Games for almost 30 years. Starting with Channel 4 TV productions and at the BBC in London where he built up the News 3D animation department. In 1991 he moved to Canada working for Vertigo Animation Software. In 1997 he helped create the opening sequence to the Sci-Fi movie ‘Contact’ and VFX for ‘Starship Troopers‘ while working at Sony Imageworks. He then switched to the games industry with Radical Entertainment, and later EA where he art directed Need for Speed Underground and many of EA’s top selling sports titles.