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CG Masters has created a studio-like environment for students. Each students is assigned a work station for each term and it is available for their use during our regular hours of operation (no need to book time in a computer lab). Students also work with a variety of camera and lighting equipment to get a “hands-on” experience with the right tools.


Robust, state of the art hardware is needed in today’s digital media industries. At CGM, we utilize quad core processors, Dual 4MB HDMI video cards, dual monitors and intuos medium tablets; all industry standard for serious and demanding work.

Every workstation is loaded with the latest, greatest industry standard software. Tools like Nuke, Maya, Houdini and Modo are an absolute must as a part of the training curriculum as you will be required to work with them in real life studio environments every day.

Each student has a dedicated workstation for the duration of training as well as access to a large network storage array and a render farm, just like in professional production.

Black Magic 4K
Production Camera

There are few things more important in visual media than image quality. CGM ensures students are working with feature-quality gear like the Black Magic. The Black Magic 4K Production Camera is one of the hottest feature-film quality cameras available today. Shooting in stunning 4K, students are able to create imagery of unprecedented clarity and quality; just what they need for today’s demanding job market. Students use our camera gear under the guidance of experienced visual effects supervisors to shoot footage for their training projects. We use professional Rokinon cinema lenses for our camera as well as our suite of EF mount Canon lenses.


We have multiple Canon 60D DSLR cameras that are used in our camera optics class. These cameras shoot high resolution RAW stills, which are perfect for HDRI capture. They can also shoot up to 1920X1080 HD moving footage which makes them a great tool for learning to shoot film.

Hero 4 Black

We have pimped out our GoPro Hero4 Black to function in a demanding production environment. Equipped with a backbone, interchangeable lenses, tripod mount and both an on-board and external monitor, the Hero can now function in a demanding production environment.

Studio Theatre
with Green Screen

Every decent production facility needs a screening room and a studio large enough to shoot elements. Our campus boasts a studio space that fulfills both needs. Our HD projector produces images over ten feet wide while the space also has a purpose-built greenscreen that covers an entire wall. We have light control drapes that permit us to black out the space for fine light control or to flood it with natural light for use as a drawing or photography studio.


Fresnels, redheads, lekos, oh my. What good is a professional camera and a great studio space if you don’t have the lighting gear to properly light your shot? Understanding on-set lighting is central to re-lighting in CG, or to matching onset lighting to your digital elements. To this end, we have been sure to include the necessary lighting equipment in our kit.

Additional Grip gear: light stands, century stands & sandbags, flags & b-boards

Flag and Scrim

Great lighting requires subtle control. To this end, a set of light control tools called “flags” and “scrims” are needed, as well as the grip gear to hold them in place. Flags block light while scrims reduce the intensity and hardness of light. Flags and scrims come in many shapes and sizes.

3D Printer

The TAZ 5 is a state-of-the-art open source 3D printer that allows us the freedom to customize the hardware and software to further explore the edges of this emerging technology. This unit came with a dual head extruder which permits us to print multiple materials into one print, or to use a water-soluble material for support structures. It’s amazing what it can do!


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