This team has worked together since September 2012. Their common goal is to provide an engaging and worthwhile experience to each student above and beyond regular classes. This can mean pick ups from the airport, help finding accommodation or any number of life challenges that crop up during training (Vickie), baking a fresh batch of bread, pizza or cinnamon buns (Nick), capturing memories on camera during grad parties (Ryan) or giving unconditional love when needed (Radar).

Nick Boughen

Director of Education

Mr. Boughen is responsible for the training of every individual who crosses the CG Masters’ threshold. He employs nearly four decades of entertainment industry experience in continuously developing and delivering this remarkable training program. As a Film Industry Visual Effects Supervisor, he spent many years developing effective production teams as well as technical and administration systems to ensure timely, quality delivery of visual effects. He carries a deep understanding of industry’s need for well-trained, professional commercial artists, not just people who have taken some courses to learn software tools. This understanding is what drove the development of a training system that is centred on real studio operational procedure, team production and best practices. You are unlikely to find a better versed expert in the arts, sciences and procedures of studio production.

Vickie Boughen

Co-Founder | Campus Director

Vickie is most likely who you will first speak to when you are thinking seriously about studying digital animation and visual effects with us. She will answer your admission questions and help you complete your application process. Vickie has over two decades of experience in medical office management, property management and project/special event management, accounting, and office administration. She also has extensive experience dealing with government applications, confidential files, accounting practices, records archiving practices and project supervision. Her very strong interpersonal skills outfit her for interacting positively with students, parents and staff. There are few better suited for such a position.  And she is just a lovely person too. We think we’ll keep her.

Ryan Crocker


Mr. Crocker is the first face you will see when you come to check out our visual effects school. He brings 25 years of customer service experience to his role as Programs Coordinator of CG Masters Academy. His professional experience as a photographer and visual effects artist give him the ideal balance of service orientation, practical knowledge and organizational skills. He’s a skilled multi-tasker which is good because things can get hairy sometimes in a simulated production environment. He brings a skill set including accounting, scheduling, and communications to the front desk of our school. You can often find him teaching camera in the classroom or between classes.


School Mascot

Radar has been our School Mascot and Morale Officer since September 2012. He loves running, napping, smelling things and making new friends. Radar is responsible for general crumb cleanup and lunch inspections.