Why CG Masters?

Production Training at its Best!

Production Training - CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX
CG Masters is the first and only school in the world to immerse trainees in a real studio production environment.  This means they learn to work as team members across long-term projects requiring a great deal of production management expertise under the oversight of current industry masters.  This is something you will never see in an academic institution mainly because most academics have never worked in industry.  It means that CGM graduates learn how to do the job, not simply how to use the tools as in most schools.  It is a vastly improved and innovative approach to job skills production training for the 3D animation and visual effects industries. We focus on skills, not grades because employers care about skills, not grades.  And not just tool or art skills, but time and task management skills, studio procedure skills, communication skills and much, much more.
1. It is just objectively better training.

Skills, not grades.
The fundamental difference between our professional training centre and other schools is that we provide more than courses followed by grades. We prepare our trainees to do the job of a commercial digital artist, not merely to know some tools.
We also train you in operations and procedures that nobody else teaches so that when you graduate, you are fully equipped to enter the industry and ready to work in studio. Upon graduation, you have proven to your instructors that you have the skills you signed up for. During training, you will prove it every day by using those skills in real production scenarios under the direction of our experienced 3D Animation and VFX specialists who will make sure your work is up to professional standards. We won’t give you a failing grade – we will train you more!

2. A Training Program Designed By Industry, For Industry

While recruiting digital artists for the industry, our founders realized that most academic training programs just didn’t cut it when it came to providing real job skills. CG Masters now exists because of this need for a program that would appeal to potential employers more than academic, theoretical training in college and university. We adapted the most successful methods we used at big studios to train junior artists and TDs, coupled it with the latest in teaching theory and technology, and applied all of it to our training program. The results have been spectacular! To date, nearly every single graduate has found work. That is not a promise of employment, but it is a pretty strong argument in favor of our training style. Click for more information about our current FACULTY of Masters.

3. World Class, Professional Instruction From Many Industry Masters

The most impressive collection of industry Masters anywhere.  Seriously, check out other faculties and compare.

We have a current faculty and advisory board of 18 world-class Industry Masters, each one dedicated to developing your skills to a professional level.   All of our CG Masters (most of whom are the top specialists in their respective fields) have been working in the film, television, animation and/or gaming industries for a decade or more. We have carefully screened and hand-picked elite instructors who are battle-hardened professionals. And because our class sizes are so small, they have the time to provide plenty of the one-on-one mentorship that is needed to excel.

All of them are passionate about their work, and all of them want you to know what they know: That this is just about the coolest job on earth.

4. Professional Camera Equipment

We believe in creating a production environment as similar as possible to those in the real world. Experience the power and complexity of pro photography equipment suitable for 4K feature films—no shooting in HD resolution with DSLR cameras at our school! CG Masters equipment includes a BlackMagic Design Production Camera 4K, a Backboned Hero4 Black, a pro Tilta camera rig, carbon-fiber tripod, Steadicam, pro monitors and lighting gear for shooting student projects. Check out our gear HERE.

5. Affordable Tuition

Our training is significantly less expensive than the average career college or private training institute. We focus on teaching the specific skills that you need to enter the industry, without any unnecessary electives.   See our tuition page for more details.


6. Scholarships

Excellence Scholarship:
Because we seek out the very best candidates, this incentive scholarship is designed to attract the best of the best. If you can show us exceptional aesthetic or technical skills in addition to serious motivation and commitment, you’ll be evaluated for an Excellence Scholarship, valued at up to $1,000. We’ll train any candidate who can demonstrate serious commitment, but we seek out the very best candidates for our precious training time.

Upgrade Scholarship:
We have spoken to hundreds of graduates of major digital media programs who have spent 40 to 50 thousand dollars on their programs and did not receive the training they need to get a job in the industry. The diploma they have just isn’t enough. Therefore, we are now offering this scholarship which will offer substantial tuition reductions for digital media graduates who show potential but have not been well trained, specifically in critical studio operations skills which are not taught at almost any school. The amount of the scholarship is determined on a case-by-case basis and all candidates must still meet all regular entry requirements

*CG Masters reserves the right to change scholarships at any time without notice. Click here for the latest Scholarship Info 

8. Small Class Sizes

Students learning job skills need plenty of one-on-one time with their mentors. You just can’t get that in the huge classes you’ll find at many large private schools and public universities. We feel that enrolling in a class with 25 to 35 other students nullifies the advantage of having an industry pro teach you, due to the lack of one-on-one instruction. At CG Masters, you actually get the benefit of world-class professional CG artists instructing you, because we keep our class sizes among the smallest in the industry. A full class size is only 12 students!

9. Industry Standard Hardware and Software

As professional artists and T.D.s ourselves, we deeply understand the need to be working with powerful, reliable and current technology.  We insist on these same standards in our training centre.

10. A Full, Intensive Year Including 8 Months Of Practical Team Training

Nothing teaches you to make great pictures like…well… making great pictures under the guidance of masters! You’ll work under professional supervisors, receive guidance and mentorship and have experiences during your production time that you just wouldn’t normally find at a regular film school, college or university. Find out what it’s like to work in a real studio environment, how important it is to deliver excellence, work with precision and communicate with your team and become part of something greater than yourself. No other school offers as much practical experience as CG Masters!

11. We Are Out Of The Downtown Core

…and that is a good thing.  Vancouver can be crowded, expensive and polluted.  Located right on the New Westminster Skytrain platform at the Shops at New West Station right next to the mighty Fraser River, we are easily the most accessible school around, while also being central within the Lower Mainland. If you are moving here to study, you will find everything you need to live right here in New Westminster, with downtown Vancouver being less than half an hour away by train. For more information about New Westminster, check out Tourism New Westminster

12. Internship / Job Opportunities

CG Masters is now collaborating with numerous studios, large and small, to provide graduates with practicum, internship and employment opportunities after graduation. We often have studios contacting us about when the next batch of graduates will be available; one of the many potential opportunities that we have developed here at CG Masters. The industry have spoken and they love our programs! Our professional training approach is clearly a no-brainer.

13. Your Own Workstation

At other schools, you have to share a workstation with other students or you’ll move each term. At CG Masters, we think it is important to have a workspace of your own to set up, customize and feel at home just like in a real studio job. Fill it with toys or pictures. Or fill it with feathers and sparkles, we don’t care, as long as you keep the sparkles out of the keyboard.

14. Mentorship As Long As You Need It

Skills and a great demo reel are the key to landing that first job or internship interview. This is as important to us as it is to you. After all, our reputation depends upon your success. If you get to the end of our program and feel you need additional mentorship, we are there for you. Personal reviews, advice, and tips will go on as long as you need them to. Need a workstation to finish off some demo reel work? The door is always open.

15. A Full, Intense 12 Months Of Training - Same As Two Years At University

Some schools try to deliver training in less than a year. (At a public college or university a “year” is about 30 weeks.) As industry professionals, digital artists, and supervisors with decades of collective experience, we just don’t see how good training can happen that way. We have had several inquiries to do shorter programs, but we want to be able to keep our promise to provide you with awesome training.

CG Masters training is 48 weeks long including a 1-week break between terms. This makes it the longest, toughest, most extensive and advanced one-year training program around, and it’s the ONLY one to provide real production training.

If you are looking for the best 3D animation school or visual effects school, we know you have a choice. There are thousands of public and private institutes offering courses in this field. Very few of them actually teach job skills to a professional level, but many of them will give you at least the basics. How do you know which to choose? It is not easy. READ THIS.