Production Training at its Best!

We adapted the most successful methods we used at large Hollywood studios to train junior artists, coupled it with the latest teaching theory and the newest technology, and applied all of it to our training program at CG Masters. The results have been spectacular!

To date, nearly every single graduate has found work.

CG Masters is the first and only school in the world to immerse trainees in a real studio production environment. Working as a team across long-term projects in cross-functional roles builds production management experience, which is essential when working in the industry. Our teaching style is one of the most critical and significant success points our graduates point out as they assimilate into major Hollywood studios.

The CG Masters class size is only 10 students! Students learning job skills need plenty of one-on-one time with their instructors, which is why our class size is small, and our instructors approachable.

We prepare our trainees to do the job of a commercial digital artist through an innovative approach to job skills production training, including workplace operations and procedures invaluable in growing your career. The project-based curriculum supports a team-based approach that reflects the work environment in the VFX and Animation studios. Graduates learn how to do the job, not merely how to use the tools.

We call our faculty and advisors CG Masters. Welcoming, warm and friendly, these professionals are seasoned VFX and Animation masters and are deeply invested in our students’ success, whether in teaching, mentoring, or hiring our graduates.

All of our CG Masters are the top specialists in their respective fields and are currently working professionals. They have been working in the film, television, animation or gaming industries for at least a decade and have impressive film and TV credits.

CG Masters collaborates with many local studios, large and small, to provide graduates with employment opportunities after graduation. We often have studios contacting us about when the next batch of graduates will be available.

If you get to the end of our program and feel you need additional mentorship, we offer support and guidance to help you along. Post-graduation, we work hard on your behalf with personal introductions and advise you as you build your career. Need a workstation to finish off some demo reel work? The door is always open.