CG Masters is proud of the support we continue to receive from the animation and visual effects industries and our alumni. These close connections are the backbone of our success. We are happy to connect potential students with alumni or current students to learn more about our training program, instructors and facility. There are also some helpful testimonials/reviews on Google!
CG Masters Google Reviews
vincent paul
Vince Paul
3D Generalist, GVFX

What can I say about this school that hasn’t already been said? This school helped me realize my dream of working in visual effects. My time at CG Masters was one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life. The education I received here prepared me to for a career in the VFX industry, and it also gave me insights on how to approach and troubleshoot problems in a more efficient manner (something I can use in my everyday life as well). I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to get into visual effects/animation.

daniel labossiere
Daniel Labossiere
Double Negative

The learning at CG Masters goes far beyond knowing how to use vfx software. You’ll learn how to be an exceptionally competent and prepared commercial artist by living through the experience of working in a team production environment for a majority of the program. Creative and swift problem-solving as well as succinct team communication are among many of the skills honed. Your critical eye will be sharpened through numerous lighting/shading and dailies sessions led by Nick, who teaches you to be your own gatekeeper for quality in the pursuit of creating beautiful photorealistic imagery.

kelly eckstein 2014
Kelly Eckstein
Lighting Artist
Scanline VFX

The best place in the world to begin to hone your craft as a CG artist. Hours and hours of one-on-one training with mentors that are currently working in the industry, well planned out group projects, a real world studio environment, instructors that genuinely care about your success, and the latest software and techniques at hand. What more could you ask for in a VFX school? CG Masters has it all, and a year spent here will get you all the knowledge and experience you need to start your first job in the Vancouver visual effects and animation industry.

emily luke
Emily Luke
Lighting Artist

This school is professional, efficient and it will put you through more learning experiences than you would ever expect. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and never give up on you. The founding couple is passionate about what they teach and even after your graduation will keep you up to date on jobs, conventions and cool new software for you to try out at home. The alumni are a close group dedicated to each other and their new members with tips and tricks, open communication and honest feedback. Would definitely do it all over again.

kim walker
Kimberley Walker
VFX Coordinator
Artifex Studios

Honestly probably the best place to get education in VFX and learn what it is really like in the industry. With instructors who are currently working and are extremely knowledgeable. Nick, Vickie and Ryan are warm and welcoming and passionate about their work, their students and seeing them succeed. Absolutely consider this school if you want a successful career in Visual Effects!!

khari anthony
Khari Anthony
Digital Domain

The fast paced environment was balanced out by its relaxed and approachable instructors. There is no way I would have kept my current job if it wasn’t for the production practice training at CGM

weston slater
Weston Slater
FX TD / CG Generalist -GVFX

It’s great being able to talk to someone who currently is working in the exact job in the exact industry that I would like to be working for.

craig bowles
Craig Bowles
Lead Lighting/Compositing Artist
Reel FX

CG Masters not only gave me the raw skills needed, they taught me how to work and be successful in a professional production.

saqib ashraf
Saqib Ashraf
Senior FX TD (former Houdini Instructor at CG Masters)
Sony Pictures Imageworks

A very well equipped and experienced school that thrives in using cutting edge technologies to groom its students to understand and experience what it would be like to work in a VFX studio in a high end production environment. The strength of the school is in having industry artists and generalists come in to teach regularly, coupled with the fact that the school cares about the students before, during and after course completion. Highly recommended.

chris browne
Chris Browne
CG Supervisor

They give them the training for a real-world studio environment so when we hire graduates from CG Masters they can really fit right into our pipeline. They seem to get what it’s like to work at a studio and produce really nice quality work.

luke vallee
Luke Vallee
Senior Compositor

I worked for the same company as Nick for three and a half years, and every time I had the opportunity to work directly under him on a project, it was a fantastic experience. All projects were handled professionally and the end results were never without a great deal of highly positive feedback from the director(s) involved. He is an extremely knowledgeable, diligent, efficient, and talented artist with an eye for perfection. He goes out of his way to make sure those working under him are taken care of and relaxed; thus enabling them to work to the best of their individual abilities.

dale fay
Dale Fay
VFX Supervisor
Zoic Studios

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicholas on multiple commercial and feature projects spanning more than a decade. He is insightful, communicative, creative, and a true professional delivering excellence in both his own work and his teams. I look forward to our next project together.

Jamal Knight
Senior Compositor

Nick’s excellent lighting skills, incredible attention to detail and calm demeanor make him a great VFX supervisor to work with.
His dedication to his craft even outside work is evident in his project cg-masters.com, providing training and giving back to the VFX community which is really admirable.
Anyone working with him will realise he is a great supervisor to have on your team!

Danila Pogilov
Senior Lighter

I’ve been fortunate to work with Nicholas on Invictus during my time at CIS Vancouver. He’s extremely technical and also has a great eye for detail. Nicholas oversaw the shot finalling pipeline at CIS, and did an excellent work building a pipeline we could push hundreds of shots through. He is a great team leader and joy to work with.

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