Industry Testimonials

“They give them the training for a real-world studio environment so when we hire graduates from CG Masters they can really fit right into our pipeline. They seem to get what it’s like to work at a studio and produce really nice quality work.”

Chris Browne

CG Supervisor, Bardel Entertainment

“I worked for the same company as Nick for three and a half years, and every time I had the opportunity to work directly under him on a project, it was a fantastic experience. All projects were handled professionally and the end results were never without a great deal of highly positive feedback from the director(s) involved. He is an extremely knowledgeable, diligent, efficient, and talented artist with an eye for perfection. He goes out of his way to make sure those working under him are taken care of and relaxed; thus enabling them to work to the best of their individual abilities.”

Luke Vallee

Senior Compositor

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nicholas on multiple commercial and feature projects spanning more than a decade. He is insightful, communicative, creative, and a true professional delivering excellence in both his own work and his teams. I look forward to our next project together.”

Dale Fay

VFX Supervisor, Zoic Studios

“Nick’s excellent lighting skills, incredible attention to detail and calm demeanor make him a great VFX supervisor to work with.
His dedication to his craft even outside work is evident in his project, providing training and giving back to the VFX community which is really admirable.
Anyone working with him will realise he is a great supervisor to have on your team!

Jamal knight

Senior Compositor, MPC

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Nicholas on Invictus during my time at CIS Vancouver. He’s extremely technical and also has a great eye for detail. Nicholas oversaw the shot finalling pipeline at CIS, and did an excellent work building a pipeline we could push hundreds of shots through. He is a great team leader and joy to work with.”

Danila Pogilov

Senior Lighter, UbiSoft

CGM Google Reviews

Daniel Labossiere
Daniel Labossiere
05:32 05 Sep 17
Choosing a VFX school or program is a daunting task, with more choices today than ever before. I looked at schools and programs all over the world and through both my preemptive research and time as a student came to the conclusion that CG Masters offered the most comprehensive program with the most directly correlative skills training relevant to both the current and ever-changing state of the VFX job market. This was proven time and time again during my time at CG Masters, as instructors often and openly taught me the very same skills and techniques they had used at their studios that very day. Class sizes are kept deliberately small, the better to give each student more one-on-one time with instructors. The instructors readily made themselves available to help out after class hours, including both in-studio help and keeping in touch via email to help dissect particularly problematic VFX files, setups and approaches. This was an amazing personal touch uncommon in larger schools and programs. I found myself gainfully employed immediately after graduating from CG Masters, a testament to the success of the school's disciplined one-year intensive model, job-relevant skills and fierce dedication to teaching students how to function in a real studio, as a team. Absolutely world-class training recommended to anybody who is serious about becoming a VFX more
Vince Paul
Vince Paul
19:03 05 Sep 17
What can I say about this school that hasn't already been said? This school helped me realize my dream of working in visual effects. My time at CG Masters was one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life. The education I received here prepared me to for a career in the VFX industry, and it also gave me insights on how to approach and troubleshoot problems in a more efficient manner( something I can use in my everyday life as well). I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to get into visual effects/ more
craig bowles
craig bowles
05:17 31 Aug 17
CG Masters is in my opinion the best place to get a VFX education that will land you an industry job immediately. All of the instructors are working in the industry and know a tremendous amount in there respected areas. During the program you receive a huge amount of one on one time with all the teachers. They make sure no one falls behind. The main benefit of the school is the production environment you learn in. The last two semesters are project based where all of the students work together to finish a project from start to finish. They manage to keep the projects run like a normal studio environment which prepares you for the more
Weston Slater
Weston Slater
04:57 30 Aug 17
CG Masters is an excellent school, specializing in teaching and refining the arts of Visual Effects and Animation. Their teachers are industry veterans with years of professional experience, and true masters of their craft. Students go through an intensive year-long course designed specifically to teach the skills needed by the Visual Effects industry, enabling graduates to quickly secure jobs and hit the ground running on day 1. This is achieved through teaching students not only how to use software, but also how to work effectively and efficiently as a team, through what is essentially a simulated studio environment. Students will be expected to learn, understand, and adhere to many procedures and processes that are common in a professional visual effects studio. This greatly eases the transition from student to employee, to the benefit of all parties involved. It should be noted that the program is very intense. Students can expect to spend at least 40 hrs/week at the school, and oftentimes well over that during deliveries or crunchtime. With that said, the teachers are fantastic and the owners are truly great people. It was a fantastic place to learn, and speaking as an employed graduate, I would absolutely recommend it to anybody and everybody who is serious about becoming a professional visual effects more
Kade Eckstein
Kade Eckstein
06:23 31 Aug 17
CG Masters is a fantastic place to start your journey to becoming a Visual Effects Artist. You get trained be professionals currently working in the industry with a passion for what they do and sharing what they know with others. After the year long course I felt comfortable taking the plunge into the industry. In only a year you I learned a vast amount about every department you will find in the industry. What I took away from my time at CG Masters, wasn't only the skills I needed, but they also teach you to work with integrity and respect which is essential in this more
Kim Maglalang
Kim Maglalang
17:31 15 Feb 18
I came to CG Masters having no VFX experience and was extremely happy with how thorough they were teaching the process of filming production to the end result in compositing. The program definitely challenges people of all skill levels so everyone is always learning something new. In the last two terms we worked in a simulated production environment which I really enjoyed because we experience the same team mindset as we would in an actual production pipeline. There are always people readily available for you to get help from. In fact our instructors were currently working in the industry they taught so the curriculum was up-to-date as more
Rebecca Lin
Rebecca Lin
02:19 09 Mar 18
I chose CG Masters after researching and visiting a variety schools. Nick was the only instructor who answered all my questions in a straightforward, clear and concise manner. No beating around the bush. No vague answers. I knew with confidence going in that the school would provide a worthwhile experience and allow me to develop a good foundation for the skills I want to build. What I didn't know (but thought I did) was the sheer volume of information that I would need to learn and absorb within a one year period and to realize there's still a lot more to learn after even that. This program is intense and not suitable for people who don't want to put in effort. You are expected to spend a minimum of 40 hrs per week at school. The program's goal is to allow graduates to hit the ground running on their first day at their first job. Working part time while taking this program is not recommended. This program simulates a team production environment and you will experience every aspect of the pipeline. Get to know your team and make sure to let Nick know if you have a specific area of interest as early as possible. For someone coming in with no understanding or experience of the field, the learning curve will feel pretty high but the foundation you get will be strong. For someone coming in with technical background or previous experience, it still won't be easy. Nick will make sure of that since you are paying to learn. Take the initiative to ask questions, you will get more out of the one on one time with your instructors. Effort and attitude goes a long way. All your instructors are current industry professionals so treat the program like a one year interview. What you learn is up to more
Manny Wiebe
Manny Wiebe
19:38 20 Aug 18
Amazing school that really cares about your learning and success. Teachers here are currently working in the industry and have alot of experience and insight that can help students who have no clue what they are getting into. Here you will learn how to become cost effective and work well in a team environment by being but into real production. As a result you will end up with professional quality demo reels which will increase your chances of being hired. All that is required on your part is that you put in genuine effort and give it your all. No one can make you do that, it comes from your drive, passion, and willingness to learn. I would recommend this school to anyone that is serious about getting into the 3D Animation & VFX industry. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from only one year of training more
Austin Limbago
Austin Limbago
20:56 20 Aug 18
A school filled with experienced industry professionals that know exactly what they're doing. The amount of work one needs to put in the industry is immense, and this school helps with acclimating you to an actual studio's work environment and ensuring you have what it takes to become a high functioning member of whatever team you become part of in the future. There's really no other school quite like this one. If you want, and I really mean WANT to enter the VFX industry, this is a good place to more
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Graduate Testimonials

“The fast paced environment was balanced out by its relaxed and approachable instructors. There is no way I would have kept my current job if it wasn’t for the production practice training at CGM”

Khari Anthony

Compositor, Digital Domain

“You’re going to sit down with someone who’s in industry, who’s professional, who is going to teach you how to be in that position. And you’re working with other people who are as passionate as you and who want to learn as much as you do.”

Kim Walker

CG Generalist, Atomic Cartoons

“CG Masters not only gave me the raw skills needed, they taught me how to work and be successful in a professional production.”

Craig Bowles

CG Artist, Bardel Entertainment

“It’s great being able to talk to someone who currently is working in the exact job in the exact industry that I would like to be working for.”

Weston Slater

FX TD / CG Generalist -GVFX

“Step by step, from beginning to end, you do every facet of every department and you get a really rounded idea of what happens in a production environment.”

Emily Luke

Lighting Artist, Rainmaker Animation

“The learning at CG Masters goes far beyond knowing how to use vfx software. You’ll learn how to be an exceptionally competent and prepared commercial artist by living through the experience of working in a team production environment for a majority of the program. Creative and swift problem-solving as well as succinct team communication are among many of the skills honed. Your critical eye will be sharpened through numerous lighting/shading and dailies sessions led by Nick, who teaches you to be your own gatekeeper for quality in the pursuit of creating beautiful photorealistic imagery.”

Daniel Labossiere

CG Generalist, Encore Entertainment

“I was able to get my 1st job only two weeks after finishing this program. It is the future of VFX training. CG Masters has changed my life and changed the way that I think about the world around me. I would highly recommend this program above any other, to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the film industry.”

Kelly Eckstein

Lighting Artist, MPC


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