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At CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX, it is our first priority is to see that our graduates leave with the knowledge and experience necessary to gain employment in the film, broadcast and gaming industries. This means practical, operational training that conforms to current industry standards.
We are committed to providing animation and vfx courses that are provide career-focused skill development as well as the technical comprehension necessary to operate current industry standard software tools within a high-functioning team environment.  

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Reach out today and CALL 604-553-2462 to speak with a member of our team or book a campus tour.  There is no obligation and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about our animation and visual effects production programs.

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Animation & VFX
You will experience unprecedented growth by completing our one-year 3D Animation and VFX Production Diploma. Your creative, technical and problem-solving skills will grow.
3D Foundations
The 3D Foundations Certificate program is a 12-week commitment that will introduce you some basic animation and visual effects skills. It is the perfect beginner course for students looking to start studying vfx or animation.
Game Design
Adopting our world-renowned studio-based approach to training, CG Masters presents the most comprehensive studio training for game development.
student Works

Our student work speaks for itself!

Get Away
Interstellar recreated by CG Masters Students
The Retrieval
Water Planet
VFX Project
CG Masters Google Reviews
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Luisa Rafidi
Luisa Rafidi
What sets CG Masters apart from any other school is that they teach you how to function in a studio environment. You learn about production pipeline and studio procedures, and that's invaluable training to have. On top of that, all the instructors are great, and you learn many things—photography, compositing, among others. The people in this school care about your success, and I'm happy that I chose them to teach me.
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Hiram Araujo
Hiram Araujo
You not only learn technical skills but how a production environment is. The instructors are top notch. Overall you will growth not only as an artist, but as a person too
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Anthony Reynders
Anthony Reynders
CG Masters is a great school, they teach the skills needed to do any aspect in a VFX pipeline and also the production side of the jobs, how to function in a studio environment which makes them unique as a school. All of this is taught to you by industry professionals with years and years of experience among them. The teaching method of valuing skills not grades is very much what I was looking for. I moved to Vancouver specially to attend the school and with the purpose to start a career in the VFX industry as a VFX compositor after graduating. Choosing to attend this school has been one of the best decisions of my life. I was able to reach my goals and I have been working in the industry for almost a year now. This thanks to the amazing team at CG Masters
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Manny Wiebe
Manny Wiebe
Amazing school that really cares about your learning and success. Teachers here are currently working in the industry and have alot of experience and insight that can help students who have no clue what they are getting into. Here you will learn how to become cost effective and work well in a team environment by being put into real production. As a result you will end up with professional quality demo reels which will increase your chances of being hired. All that is required on your part is that you put in genuine effort and give it your all. No one can make you do that, it comes from your drive, passion, and willingness to learn. I would recommend this school to anyone that is serious about getting into the 3D Animation & VFX industry. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from only one year of training here.
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Saqib Ashraf
Saqib Ashraf
A very well equipped and experienced school that thrives in using cutting edge technologies to groom its students to understand and experience what it would be like to work in a VFX studio in a high end production environment. The strength of the school is in having industry artists and generalists come in to teach regularly, coupled with the fact that the school cares about the students before, during and after course completion. Highly recommended.
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Rebecca Lin
Rebecca Lin
I chose CG Masters after researching and visiting a variety schools. Nick was the only instructor who answered all my questions in a straightforward, clear and concise manner. No beating around the bush. No vague answers. I knew with confidence going in that the school would provide a worthwhile experience and allow me to develop a good foundation for the skills I want to build. What I didn't know (but thought I did) was the sheer volume of information that I would need to learn and absorb within a one year period and to realize there's still a lot more to learn after even that. This program is intense and not suitable for people who don't want to put in effort. You are expected to spend a minimum of 40 hrs per week at school. The program's goal is to allow graduates to hit the ground running on their first day at their first job. Working part time while taking this program is not recommended. This program simulates a team production environment and you will experience every aspect of the pipeline. Get to know your team and make sure to let Nick know if you have a specific area of interest as early as possible. For someone coming in with no understanding or experience of the field, the learning curve will feel pretty high but the foundation you get will be strong. For someone coming in with technical background or previous experience, it still won't be easy. Nick will make sure of that since you are paying to learn. Take the initiative to ask questions, you will get more out of the one on one time with your instructors. Effort and attitude goes a long way. All your instructors are current industry professionals so treat the program like a one year interview. What you learn is up to date.
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Kim Maglalang
Kim Maglalang
I came to CG Masters having no VFX experience and was extremely happy with how thorough they were teaching the process of filming production to the end result in compositing. The program definitely challenges people of all skill levels so everyone is always learning something new. In the last two terms we worked in a simulated production environment which I really enjoyed because we experience the same team mindset as we would in an actual production pipeline. There are always people readily available for you to get help from. In fact our instructors were currently working in the industry they taught so the curriculum was up-to-date as possible.
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James Greenwood
James Greenwood
As a student attending this school with no real vfx background or knowledge of any of the software used in this industry I took a leap of faith with these guys and it certainly was not misplaced! It challenged me to the max and I learnt heaps. Finishing school I had a solid understanding of how a vfx pipeline works and felt comfortable to go into the industry knowing I was in the best place I could be as a junior. As a post grad looking for work the school also didn't rest until I had a job! Now happily employed and loving my career change. Deffo check this place out!
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Richard Laszcz
Richard Laszcz
This school changed my life. I started here right after high school where I had failed multiple classes. After only a year attending cgm I have a job working on vfx for big Hollywood features, which i think is pretty rad. The staff of the school couldn't be more friendly. They will eagerly help you out with basically anything as well as put up with you when you decide to go back to visit as many of us grads do. Throughout your time here you will be working in a simulated production environment which prepares you very well for work in the "real world." my current job included a 3 month training portion to all of the new hires up to speed with how that studio functioned and this preparation felt like a breeze after the training I had received from cgm. It's true that the work you do at the school can be challenging at times, but all of it is accomplishable if you give it your all. This school really shows you the amazing things you can do when you put your mind to something and I wouldn't trade my time here for the world.
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Are you a canadian Resident?

CG Masters currently offers a $5,000 Grade 12 Scholarship for graduating  Canadian high school students. There may be other scholarship opportunities available. Contact our Admissions Team HERE to learn more. Please note that CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX does not offer FULL tuition scholarships.

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Learn Animation
Our students receive animation training to create beautiful, professional-quality 3D animation from industry Masters who do it for a living every day.
Learn VFX
Students learn visual effects from current industry Masters and create amazing, professional-quality vfx shots.
Learn Job Skills
Learn the powerful secrets of collective, studio workflow from Masters who have spent their careers perfecting the arts and sciences of digital animation and visual effects.
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