CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX is not just a school, it is a working commercial studio that teaches.  Where better to learn and hone your skills than from professionals who do the job every day?  CG Masters is the world’s only school to offer industry-designed, production studio based, visual effects and 3D animation job-skills training instead of academic process. Our faculty, all industry masters, teach far more than just how to use software.

We teach how the job is done;  how to work within a real studio production environment to create world-class, film-quality images and animations, and we do it in a completely unique way. We focus on your job skills with daily practical skill assessments instead of theoretical grades at the end of term when it’s too late. Drop us a line or chat with our current students or graduates to find out if CG Masters is right for you.

The CG Masters are Changing Everything

Recent CGM Grad Credits

Our graduates and instructors work at every major studio

a sample of film credits for CG Masters alumni

Learn From World Class Masters

Learn from a dozen industry veterans who are currently making today’s big blockbusters. Learn what it means to work in a production studio and how to do it well.

No other school teaches this way

Become a ‘Specialist’ or a ‘Generalist’.

CG Masters student animation project - Take Off

Learn Animation

Learn to create beautiful, professional-quality 3D animation from Masters who do it for a living every day.

CG Masters Student Visual Effects Training Project

Learn Visual Effects

Learn to create amazing, professional-quality visual effects shots from Masters who do it for a living every day.

Students learn teamwork and have production training

Learn Job Skills

Learn the powerful secrets of collective, studio workflow from Masters who have spent their careers perfecting the arts and sciences of digital animation and visual effects.

Industry & Graduate Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nicholas on multiple commercial and feature projects spanning more than a decade. He is insightful, communicative, creative, and a true professional delivering excellence in both his own work and his teams. I look forward to our next project together.”

Dale Fay, VFX Supervisor – Zoic Studios

Dale Fay, Visual Effects Supervisor
Company Name: Zoic Studios
Designation: VFX Supervisor

Worked for the same company as Nick for three and a half years, and every time I had the opportunity to work directly under him on a project, it was a fantastic experience. All projects were handled professionally and the end results were never without a great deal of highly positive feedback from the director(s) involved. He is an extremely knowledgeable, diligent, efficient, and talented artist with an eye for perfection. He goes out of his way to make sure those working under him are taken care of and relaxed; thus enabling them to work to the best of their individual abilities.

Luke Vallee, Senior Compositor

Luke Vallee
Company Name: ILM
Designation: Senior Compositor

“They give them the training for a real-world studio environment so when we hire graduates from CG Masters they can really fit right into our pipeline. They seem to get what it’s like to work at a studio and produce really nice quality work.”

Chris Browne, CG Supervisor – Bardel Entertainment

Chris Browne CG Supervisor at Bardel Entertainment
Company Name: Bardel Entertainment
Designation: CG Supervisor

Student Showcase

Each work below was completed entirely by CG Masters student teams during one training term.

CGM Students discover life on a distant world!

CG Masters School of VFX

CG Masters Students prove the Moon Landing was FAKE!

CG Masters School of VFX

The Retrieval – by CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX

CG Masters School of VFX

Goat brothers – by CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX

CG Masters School of VFX

Students create Gravity VFX

CG Masters School of VFX

Contact VFX

CG Masters School of VFX

Star Wars and Cylons

CG Masters School of VFX

Animated Short – 9 students in 16 weeks.

CG Masters School of VFX

CG Masters student work comparison

CG Masters School of VFX

The VFX of “The Fallout” by CG Masters Students

CG Masters School of VFX

Grounded – The Final Cut

CG Masters School of VFX

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