Which Animation & VFX Courses are right for you?

Are you trying to decide what kind of animation and vfx courses you need? Take a look at our two programs and see for yourself. The first is our 12-week, 3D Foundations Certificate, a short duration program for the beginning CG artist. The program also includes some art, photography, cinematography and storyboarding classes to round out your skills.

Our second program is the popular 48-week, 3D Animation & VFX Production Diploma. This is a program for applicants hungry to get the job skills they need to start working. Most applicants will have some basic 3D skills already but we will consider applicants with other relevant skills or training.

What do you need to know BEFORE applying to CG Masters
Animation & VFX
You will experience unprecedented growth by completing our one-year 3D Animation and VFX Production Diploma. Your creative, technical and problem-solving skills will grow.
3D Foundations
The 3D Foundations Certificate program is a 12-week commitment that will introduce you some basic animation and visual effects skills. It is the perfect beginner course for students looking to start studying vfx or animation.
Game Design
Adopting our world-renowned studio-based approach to training, CG Masters presents the most comprehensive studio training for game development.