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01 Sep: Unreal Engine Threatens Traditional Renderers

I watched and was astonished by how close a real time gaming engine was coming to generating photo-real renders. I had fiddled around with Unreal Engine from time to time and had a little familiarity with it. So I decided it was time to do a deep dive and find out what this was all about. I needed to know if it was hype or something real that could help my production pipeline.
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20 Apr: Back to Basics: A CG Artist Camera Guide

CG and visual effects artists need to understand cameras and camera movement. Why? Because the best CG and VFX shots should mimic what real-world cameras can do. Otherwise, audiences can easily be taken out of what they’re watching. Since they already ‘inherently’ know that the shot could not be achieved for real. Understanding cameras means understanding authenticity.
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21 Feb: Book:Modo Essentials now FREE

Wow. We purchased copies of this book for our modeling courses as soon as it came out. The author, William Vaughan, is a master modeler and an incredible teacher. Furthermore, Foundry’s Modo, while a fully functional 3D package, remains one of the most artist friendly modelers on the planet.