19 May: Learning Animation & VFX at a University?

It has been suggested that the purpose of this post may be to “attack” universities. I thank the university gentleman for his remarks and concerns and offer the following. Quite to the contrary, this article is part of a much larger discussion which will ensure universities and other kinds of institutions improve programming to the point that they can deliver really excellent career training.

image from vfx project space

03 Apr: 2nd generation Animation & VFX Training: What does it mean?

You want to find the top visual effects school and you’ve stumbled across CG Masters with all it’s ‘attitude’ and ‘philosophy’. You’re wondering if it’s real or just a bunch of marketing nonsense. CG Masters claims to be the first school to implement “2nd Generation Training”. It’s reasonable to ask exactly what is meant by that and to expect some rational explanation. A solid explanation requires a little history lesson. So here it is.


30 Nov: The Three Rules of VFX Dailies

These rules are for crew submitting to VFX dailies, not for the people running them. The people running dailies already know better and don’t need a lecture about it. Unfortunately junior artists are almost never given a talk about how/what/when/where to submit work to dailies and it takes them years to figure out on their own. This is not only sad, but expensive.