VFX School –  One-Year Intensive Diploma Program

3D Animation & VFX Production

What can you expect during your year in our animation and visual effects school?  You will experience unprecedented growth by completing our one-year 3D Animation and VFX Production Diploma.  Your technical, work, and problem-solving skills will grow.  Upon graduation, you will leave prepared and more than capable of impressing studios with your ability to immediately add value to their production teams.  This program will provide you with a solid foundation on which to grow your career!


Term 1 – Core Skills

Observational Drawing
Camera & Photography
Modeling & Texturing I
Rigging & Scripting I
Animation I
Dynamics I
Lighting & Shading I
Compositing I
Production I

Term 2 – Transition to Practice

Modeling & Texturing II
Rigging & Scripting II
Animation II
Particles & Dynamics II
Lighting & Shading II
Compositing II
Production II

Term 3 – Practical Training

Production III
Dailies III

Term 1

In Term 1, students are introduced to all of the main disciplines including 3D modeling and texturing, animation, rigging and scripting, dynamic FX, lighting and shading, and compositing.  To complement these software skills, students will also take part in an observational drawing, digital photography and production classes. The main outcome of Term 1 will be a short visual effects shot of 4-6 seconds (from storyboard to composting) completed by each student.

Term 2

In this term, students continue to expand their knowledge of the main disciplines but now experience their first taste of a production pipeline!  Term 2 and Term 3 students work together on a group animation or visual effects project. This project is faculty-led and created with the Senior Instructor acting as the CG Supervisor. This project will have students work through the process of delivering a finished product by the end of term. Some of the practical skills focused on will include the proper procedure for submitting work to the render farm, taking and acting on notes, attending dailies sessions (review process) and learning to deliver or communicate.

Term 3 

In this final term, students continue their production practice by completing a second project. There are no classes to attend. This is a chance to specialize in a key area(s) and really engrain the important skills needed to be successful in a professional studio environment.

Who are CG Masters?

At CG Masters, we believe great training starts with great instructors.  Our goal every term is to put industry masters into a room with the right students.  If you have seen our student work, you will recognize the magic that can happen when we do this. Take a look at our list of instructors.  This impressive list of professionals are responsible for many of the best visual effects and animations scenes currently being produced by the movie and television industries.

Not ready for a full-time program?

Are you a beginner looking for a shorter duration program? CG Masters is excited to introduce our new 12-week 3D Foundations Certificate. This program is the perfect start for individuals with no arts or 3D background. It may also be suitable training for individuals who need some basic understanding of animation and visual effects i.e. visual effects coordinators.

School Reviews and School Life?

Take a look at what our alumni have to say and check out the reviews on Google! 

This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. 

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